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2015 RCCS Children Drawing Contest
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2015 RCCS Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
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2015 Canada Day Parade - 70th Annual Steveston Salmon Festival
Steveston Salmon Festival is a major annual community event in Richmond with a history of 70 years. The highlight of the Festival is the Parade of floats at the Steveston Village on Canada Day, which attracts hundreds and thousands of people from different ethnic backgrounds and culture to celebrate together. RCCS has been taking part in this annual Canada Day parade for over 20 years and is the first Chinese community organization participated in the event. 三文魚節是一項在列治文區有七十年歷史的社區活動,主要活動包括在國慶日的花車巡遊。這項活動將會吸引萬多名來自不同種族、文化背景的人仕參加。列治文華人社區協會是第一個華人社區團體參加Steveston國慶日遊行,到至今已經參與超過20多年。

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RCCS Senior Health Fair
RCCS hosted the 2015 Senior Health Fair on June 27. The objective is to provide useful and up-dated information, as well as effective services to the seniors in the community. This health fair included workshops which were presented by doctors and professionals on topics such as Diabetes, Nutrition, Chinese Herbal Soup, Healthy Heart and Colon Cancer. Other than workshops, there were health related information booths and free blood pressure and glucose check. 列治文華人社區協會舉辦 RCCS長者健康嘉年華2015,以為長者提供有意義的健康資訊和其他不同長者社區服務。 活動當日除了有專科醫生和營業師講解的各類講座,比如糖尿病的認識、長者營養知識、健康湯水知識、心臟健康知識、以及大腸癌的認識之外,還有健康咨詢攤位和免費的血壓及血糖檢查。

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2015 RCCS Karaoke Fundraising Dinner
Richmond Chinese Community Society (RCCS) Karaoke Fundrasing Dinner & Dance Party was held at Continental Seafood Restaurant in Richmond on Saturday, June 13, 2015. Besides the delicious ten course Chinese food, there was karaoke performance, raffle ticket draw and dancing with live band "The Rollers". The party was a great success. 列治文華人社區協會卡拉OK籌款餐舞晚會在六月十三日(星期六),在列治文幸運海鮮酒樓(150-11700 Cambie Road,Richmond)舉行。晚會除了備有豐盛的晚餐之外,還有卡拉OK籌款表演,幸運大抽獎及“The Rollers”樂隊現場表演。

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